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PS3 Emulator version 1.2.0 Released! | Updates:

- Added friendly user interface
- Faster fps rate
- Fixed bugs with online browsing ps3 network

* There will be no more updates for previous version. Also the online mode is closed. So please download the latest version in the files section.

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PS3 Emulator  

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ePS3e is a PlayStation 3 emulator for Windows, Mac and Linux, started by the group of Russian enthusiasts coders in July 2011.
The PlayStation 3, officially short called as PS3 is the third video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. released on November 2006. and it's the successor to the PS2.

The idea for making PS3 emulator comes from conclusion there are many players worldwide which primary uses PC for playing games, but they are also interesting in playing some games which are made only for ps3 console and they are not in financial situation or just don't want to spend money on buying the PlayStation 3 as well. ePS3e is also compatible to run all PS1 and PS2 games as well. So if you are fun of some game which is released only for one of the Sony's gaming console, download our PlayStation 3 emulator and enjoy yourself in playing all PS3 games on your PC!

Final Fantasy XIII

From 2008 we put our hard work to develop the working PS3 emulator. Took us the whole three years to coordinate the PlayStation 3 CPU with PC one and the main thing what relieved our project came with new CPU technology with 3 cores. After Intel I3 came out, we dedicated our work on improving other things like graphics effects and FPS rating.
Today our emulator can emulate almost all of PlayStation 3 games. It works well even with processors with 2 cores, but minimum of 3GHz in each core. Other main factor plays your graphic card and RAM memory, so please take a moment and see the system requirements in compatibility page.


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Gameplay Screenshot

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